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LogoTALWelcome to the exciting new age of novel publishing! Old methods still work for some, but not for a different set of authors who want their work associated with others of similar style, purpose, and influence. Anxiety Publishing (AP) promotes real-world stories, not artificial ones where characters behave contrary to their instinct or where the author has a naive view of the world. Exceptional stories often contain incredible events, but its characters should act in credible ways. Many authors either fail to create believable characters or they believe in a world that cannot exist.

Why? Humans crave interaction with their peers. We want our own community, often apart from what the universe provided. Entertainment has always been a pivotal component of any community and writers are the backbone of most entertainment forms. Like the familiar analogy of a hot coal, we need collaboration with others to keep burning. Left on our own, we cool and become a black, sterile mass.

How? If you want your novel associated with AP publications, then begin the submission process.

When? Now! OK, always do what you want now, but join the AP effort when your novel is ready for scrutiny.

Who? All endeavors begin with one person, one idea. Authors who publish their works here are AP, whether only one or many.

What? AP rose from the ashes of a quest. After searching in vain for a suitable publishing outlet, a seasoned author decided to create one instead. Other authors with similar interests are welcome to join the struggle.

Insufficient? Good, see the AP note page.