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The Black Sky


Read the bold if you just want the highlights.

For those who have read Silent Subversion I, this article should give you some hints about the contents of the second book, but should not come as a spoiler. For some, the contents of this article will cause confusion, anxiety or both. This article will answer the question of whether or not stars are visible in the upper atmosphere.

There is a big challenge of writing a fictional story intended to take place in the real world. The author’s understanding of the world can be wrong and can change after they write the story. It’s one thing to create stories set in the real world as Anxiety Publishing claims, and actually writing a story which could actually take place in the real world. This is what happened to me. I wrote book 1 and 2 of the Silent Subversion saga from my understanding of the world, but then my understanding changed. This happens to everyone, hopefully every day, but in this instance, my new views all of the sudden conflicted with some of the content in Silent Subversion 2. I cannot be honest with myself and my audience without aligning the story to my most current world view. Of course, this will put a minor delay in the publication of the second book.

Here is what shook my world, so to speak. In my never-ending search for what NASA is hiding, I came upon a set of videos that disrupted my reality. At first, the new information caused me to feel anxiety as it conflicted with my current set of beliefs. In my life, I’ve grown accustomed to these experiences of anxiety. I do not fear anxiety, but have learned to embrace it. It’s like what happened to me when I discovered my religion to be a hoax. At first, the world transformed into a scary place of the unknown, but after a while, it became more beautiful and mysterious and the thought of returning to my old set of beliefs frightened me more than the new unknown ever did.

These videos that caused so much disturbance were all the high altitude weather balloons videos where the clouds are far below and the atmosphere is thin. I’ve watched so many of them, some of much better quality than others. I love watching the balloon take off from the ground and ascending into the sky. As it travels through the blue, I get impatient for the blue to disappear and to see the black of the new sky above. The view brings an eerie sensation, a feeling of being all alone in an empty universe.


Figure 1) Snapshot of a 4 hour video by RotaFlight on youtube.com/watch?v=9dfVtaZbuIQ&t=9718s


Where are the stars?

Figure 1 above is a typical image from one of the videos taken in HD quality. In the video you can see the sun, the Earth and the blackness of the sky without the slightest hint of any stars. When I first encountered these videos, I temporarily accepted the standard explanation for the lack of stars. The exposure must not be set correctly. The aperture must not be large enough. The brightness of the sun and Earth must be totally saturating the sensors. For a while, I accepted those explanations, but with a healthy dose of skepticism. Most people though, easily swallow the typical excuses without any question because they come from authority figures.

A closer analysis of the sky with photographic imaging software revealed absolute blackness. For my own analysis, I chose to take a snapshot without the sun to show more of the black sky where the evidence of stars would most likely be found. On my computer I used GIMP software edge detection and found no evidence of stars, see figure 2. In the images, if stars were present, they should

2 responses to “The Black Sky”

  1. Michelle says:

    Excellent!!! Found you on Crrow777 radio, so glad I followed the link you left. Can’t wait to read more of your writings.

    • hyrum jones says:

      Thanks for the acknowledgment Michelle! The whole idea of the stars being invisible to the human eye, unaided, is truly amazing. I’m still in shock by all the implications.