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logosep24Here’s the latest logo for Anxiety Publishing as of September 23, 2016. It might not be the final version, but so far, it’s the winner and much better than the original one. It fits the basic qualifications for a good logo. The shape is simple, unique and familiar. At first glance, the A is easy to see, for Anxiety, and slightly more difficult to see the P, for Publishing. The aspect ratio has been set to 1:1, but it looks taller than wide, a natural optical illusion which somehow fits with the mission of Anxiety Publishing. While it has the basic A shape, there’s also another optical illusion to the image, that of a road going to infinity.

On a deeper level, the image references several occult ideas similar to the image on the dollar. Those who know the meaning of the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid might appreciate the more benevolent meaning of this image. Like the image on the dollar, the pyramid is cut, but the apex is accessible by following the road.


An touch of 3D looks good too, but might be a bit distracting.








The logo design above has replaced, for now, the original one below.



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