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Status: January 1, 2016

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This is Hyrum Jones, author of the Silent Subversion series, the first books ‘published’ by AP. To write bluntly, I’m not trying to fool anyone. At this time, I am the only author at Anxiety Publishing. As the About page infers, I created this publishing entity without even considering the option of using a traditional publishing company. I enjoy doing things on my own, and prefer to make all the decisions. A traditional company would list my novel with hundreds of other books, some excellent, some OK but most of them, pure POS. I prefer to associate my precious creations with other worthy novels. Alternatively, I fully appreciate the burden of taking responsibility for all the promotion and distribution. I enjoy the challenge.

Most people who visit this site will lack full comprehension of the Anxiety Publishing’s mission. I am fine with that condition. At best, the AP mission as presented is obscure, although the slogan, “Reality in Fiction” pretty much summarizes the mission. A full explanation would take too long and bore the typical person. Since AP books can be found through other channels, (Amazon, Goodreads, Leanpub…), this site is intended mainly for those who already appreciate AP content. From a statistical viewpoint, only a small percentage of the population will actually visit anxietypub.com and only a very small proportion of them will actually click on the About page and of those, only a few will read to the end where the only link to this page is located. Since my target audience is the serious writer and consumer of real-world fiction, I have chosen this filtration strategy.

I can, however, answer the most obvious question: Why create a publishing company and not just self-publish? Well, I enjoy collaboration and hope to share whatever I learn in the publishing process for future AP publications. Therefore, I invite other authors with similar creations, to add them to the collective (unintended Borg reference) and together, we can help each other succeed. As described above, I love the idea of including my novels in a respectable collection. If no other authors join AP, I will still use this as a vehicle for my creations.

As a final note, I obtained a business license for the main purpose of validity and maybe taxes, but might let it expire without renewal. I abhor the current legal system we all must endure! IMHO, to follow business propriety is almost in bad taste. Also, Anxiety Publishing takes none of the revenue and is intended as a branding of quality. AP will remain as a personal effort until someone else decides to join.

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