Gold Fields

Digging for Gold

Humans who dig for gold know they must remove a lot of dirt to find the gold. This page will be a suppository of the gold I’ve found in my investigations. Most of the information presented will be what I have found, some will be the arguments or ideas of others, and some will be what I have discovered on my own. When presenting information from others, all possible effort will be made to give proper credit.

Status of the Gold Fields: The next content to be included: maybe some material about some current celebrities.


Welcome to the Real World

This famous quote rings a very personal note with me. Many people view, The Matrix, as an expose’ on the real world, not as a literal interpretation, but an analogy although some can argue that it’s impossible to disprove the literal interpretation. I generally believe the basic premise of the movie, the world is not as it seems, where the majority of the population goes about their business just accepting the top surface level that they sense. The vast majority of humans act as though they are plugged into some virtual reality machine. For who knows how many years, religion controlled the masses, using fear and the promise of eternal reward to keep people from seeing the real world. The situation began shifting at the invention of the printing press. Religion retained much of the control, but the capital owners began…Human control transfered to Radio, then the television set and then the internet, then the control is nearly complete through the advancement of the smart phone. Who knows, perhaps complete control is just around the corner through virtual reality machines.



Gold: What I consider to be important. This can include observations, ideas, arguments, and lies.

Gods: People that humans worship or admire.






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