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HyrumHeadHyrum lives in Washington State with his wife and four children and works as an engineer in a semiconductor manufacturer. He grew up in Utah to a very large family and enjoyed wandering the desert with his brothers, looking for lizards and snakes. After several years in college, meandering through dead-end majors, he finally discovered a love of science and changed his major to chemistry.

After graduating from the University of Utah with a B.S. in chemistry, he acquired an advanced degree in chemical engineering at Oregon State University where he fell in love with the Northwest and has stayed ever since. He spends as much time as possible with his kids and enjoys showing them the world, especially the wilderness.

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  1. Hello Hyrum, I live close to you. I live in a small town (Fall City) just east of Bellevue WA.. I am an exmo who studied my way out of the church in the late 90s before discovering the internet. I am 59, have a tbm wife and 5 children with some active and some not.I have a curious mind and have found myself absorbed in much study and research since discovering the vast amount of info available. Of major interests is researching and documenting the history, operations and agenda of those behind the scenes who wield the real power and how they have managed to subvert the will of the people. This all sounds like conspiracy theory to some but I have been able to silence the nay sayers almost with out exception by presenting documentation and facts. I have a conviction that the truth matters and that there is no substitute for the truth. This is true in both the rehlm of religous and political influence as influence equates to power and control. It sounds like you have an inquiring mind like myself. I enjoy reading some of your insights. Feel free to corespond with me if you feel so inclined.

  2. Hi Dave!

    Thanks for your response.

    My journey from the religious, mythological world into the real one has helped inspire the Silent Subversion saga. Although it’s not about religion, the story is an allegory of my experience leaving the comfortable world I knew. The real world can be horrible, but is so much better! Religion limits the imagination and stunts personal growth. I could go on and on…

  3. Interesting!? If I read correctly, you don’t believe in religion, which is fine, but you also don’t believe in an entity that we call God? Is that correct Hyrum? If so, have I got a surprise for you…. Reality just gets better as we discover more truth, doesn’t it?

    • That’s not an accurate statement, but I can see how you came to that conclusion. I believe something created life, but do not know what yet. I do believe that I will figure it out one day. I’m hoping, however, to present a believable hypothesis in Silent Subversion 3. I will admit though, that to claim a disbelief in God is kind of pointless, unless a specific definition is given. Everyone seems to have a different definition and from my experience, I cannot get an accurate enough of a definition to form an educated opinion about it.

      BTW, I used to like the term ‘truth’, but prefer the term ‘information’ now. Truth seems to be very limiting. As an illustration of what I mean, imagine you meet someone and they lie to you, and you know it. The event has not provided you with much truth, but a lot of information. From that information, you can probably learn why they told you the lie, the possible source of the lie, the type of person they are, and probably many other things. Now I admit all the additional information obtained can also be called truth, but in my opinion, trying to be more aware of information can be more enlightening than searching for truth.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  4. That’s an interesting perspective of truth Hyrum. I like the term still because it denotes something that is legitimate, valid, honest. Information can be none of those things, therefore, I like to express the distinction. If you’re interested, I’ve come up with an interesting hypothesis, whether you’ll find it believable or not is not guaranteed, but that’s a characteristic of true information – truth is stranger than fiction.

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