Submission Guidelines

If you have not yet investigated our current publications or read the About page, please return after such an investigation. Follow the steps below to publish your novel with Anxiety Publishing (AP) and become a partner.

  1. Before you submit any manuscript sample, you will need to submit your answer to a few simple questions, see below. Your answer to those questions will reveal your writing style and character. We don’t care about your age, old or young. We don’t care what you have yet accomplished. Your proposed novel will reveal your potential and dedication. The primary objective of AP is to build a library of novels for the community we wish to create.
  2. After you have received a notification of approval, you can then submit a sample of your book and more information about it. You can submit as many books as you want, but only one at a time.
  3. A published author of AP will be assigned to each proposed novel. This author help with the process, watch for content that promotes misleading views of reality and will decide when the book is ready for publication.
  4. When the assigned author from AP and the proposed book author claim the book is ready, AP will publish the electronic form of the book in whatever outlet desired and assign the ISBN, purchased by AP.
  5. We encourage authors at AP and other interested individuals to invest financially in the process and to expect a return. The AP website is at the authors’ disposal for promotion.



  • AP authors will retain all rights to their creations. AP only claims the right to promote their books on its website.
  • AP can purchase the ISNB# for each initial digital publication.
  • AP as an organization, takes no profits, but any individual who wants to invest in a book, can make a deal with the author.


If you’re interested in submitting your novel for publication with Anxiety Publishing, fill out the short questionnaire below.

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